Spain. 5 million sick leaves due to COVID-19

During the two years of the pandemic in Spain, 15.2 million sick leaves were issued, of which more than 5 million due to Covid-19, according to a report by insurance companies (AMAT), published by “ABC”. Health centers are overloaded; employers suspect abuses, the report reads.

The costs of employee absences in 2020 alone, including production suspension, amounted to the equivalent of 9 percent. Spanish GDP, informs AMAT.

The latest wave of layoffs was caused by a sharp increase in infections with the Omikron variant during the Christmas period. In December 2021, more than 566,000 were issued sick leave. employees; their number was about 630 percent. greater than in November.

In some autonomous regions (Madrid and Catalonia), due to the overload of primary health care centers, it is enough to report a positive result of a self-conducted antigen test for the presence of coronavirus by telephone or online to receive the exemption. Previously, it was only possible after a personal visit and a PCR test confirming the infection.

due to the wave of absences from work and the lack of control by the administration – underlines AMAT. He emphasizes that this situation has an impact on production and the entire economy.

Additionally, there are difficulties in bringing employees back to work, as a medical certificate must be obtained in person in health centers. According to AMAT data, every seventh employee on sick leave could return to work, but due to the failure of the primary health care system, he cannot obtain a medical permit.

In Spain, every worker who tests positive is taken on sick leave and is now isolated for seven days. The costs of the sick leave are covered by social security, which treats Covid-19 as an accident at work from March 2020. The employee has the right to receive 75 percent. the wage base that is paid from day one. In the case of other diseases, only 40 percent are eligible. salary from the fourth to the 15th day of illness, and only then 75 percent.


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