Spain. A fire at a nuclear power plant in Catalonia. One person is dead

The Ascó nuclear power plant is located near the town of Ascó, in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. On Wednesday, November 23, there was a failure in the power plant, which was caused by the leakage of the fire insulation, “El Pais” reports. A fire broke out on the premises of the facility, which was then extinguished by firefighters.

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Spain. There is no increase in radioactivity in a nuclear power plant

According to the local fire department, the leakage of CO2 resulted in the death of one person. Three more workers were injured and taken to a hospital in the municipality of Mora d’Ebre. Their life is not in danger.

The fire department also said the accident at the Ascó nuclear power plant did not lead to an increase in radioactivity.

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Ascó Nuclear Power Plant with an extended license

The Ascó nuclear power plant has been active since 1984. It uses two nuclear reactors – Ascó I has been in operation since December 1984 and Ascó I since March 1986. The Spanish Ministry of Environmental Change recently extended licenses for two power plant blocks until 2030 and 2031 respectively.

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