Spain: “Pause Omikron, not the economy.” Appeal of the government spokeswoman

On Thursday, Madrid confirmed a third case of infection with the Omikron variant in the capital region and the first not directly related to travel to South Africa. The infected man is a 62-year-old, vaccinated with two doses of AstraZeneca, and has mild symptoms, the health ministry said.

The government rejected the introduction of restrictions on the mobility of the population, the announcement of an emergency or the closure of the catering and hotel industry. According to declarations, there is no such necessity thanks to mass vaccinations of the population. “Vaccines work,” emphasized Darias.

The Ministry of Health only recommended limiting the number of people attending social and family gatherings, especially during holidays. “The risk of new instances and spreads of Omicron in Spain is very high,” she said. “However, more than 15 months of experience in fighting the virus has given us the tools to contain it in time while letting us do business,” she said. “The current recipe is” stop the virus, not the economy, “she added.

The government focuses on further booster vaccinations. According to the declaration, people over 60 years of age, health care workers and people who have received the Janssen vaccine should get vaccinated a third time before Christmas. The government is currently considering vaccinating children between 5 and 11 years of age.

To avoid the risk of the spread of the Omikron variant, Spain suspended flights from 7 African countries, including South Africa, where Omikron arrived until December 15th.


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