Spain, surpassed 100 million cases for the covid-19, and back to the highest number of deaths in one day


Spain is back in the record, for the second day in a row, an increase in the number of deaths daily, caused by the covid-19. The Ministry of Health reported that 864 people were killed since yesterday, with the disease, the highest rate recorded in 24 hours during the pandemic of the new coronaviruses.

It was the fifth day, followed by more than 800 killings in the past 24 hours, the number of deaths has been the 849. All in all, 9.053 have been killed in this country with the disease.

The number of infected persons has also jumped, coming in at 102.136, an increase of 7.719 from yesterday.

The escalation of the virus in the country has given a cause for concern. The number of people admitted to intensive care increased by 5% up to 5.900.

All in all, of which 51 billion has already ordered hospital throughout the crisis. The number of recovered is 22,500.

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