SpeedKore took care of tuning a European car for the first time. This is the BMW E9

SpeedKore, a company dealing in tuning and building restoms, operates in the United States. She has yet to work on a non-American car – until now.

If the name SpeedKore doesn’t mean anything to you, then no worries you should catch up immediately, because it is one of the most interesting tuners on the American market. This company, based in Grafton, Wisconsin, specializes in American cars. modified Mustangs, Camaro or various Dodge models. We are talking here about both classic models and those currently produced.

What’s so interesting about them?

Carbon. Lots of carbon. SpeedKore has already become known as specialists in the use of this material, so if someone plans to equip their American car with some carbon fiber, it should go to Grafton. By saying “a little” I also mean the option of making the entire body of this material.

But I’m guessing that the mere fact of using Carbon is not a sufficient reason to place an order with the Americans. So how about experimenting with drive units? And I’m not just talking about packing two turbochargers into the Dodge Challenger Demon or building over 1500hp modern Charger with all-wheel drive. I’m talking about packing a 9 liter race boat engine into the Charger from 1970., thanks to which the classic muscle car reaches 1,650 hp. This car can be associated with fans of the movies from the series “Fast and the Furious”.

New SpeedKore project – BMW E9 3.0 CS – unfortunately there is no such power.

BMW E9 restomod

But it’s still cool. The car was ordered by Robert Downey Jr., who had already used the company’s services – Grafton specialists took care of Ford Mustang Boss 302 the actor, they also built a car for him as a gift for a friend from the film set – Fr. Chevrolet Camaro for Chris Evans.

Unusually for SpeedKore, the 1974 BMW E9 did not receive a carbon fiber body – although of course individual parts were made of carbon fiber, such as a fragment of the front of the car or the rear bumper. The Bavarian brick-colored machine rides on HRE wheels, behind which are hidden Brembo brakes and Bilstein shock absorbers.

However, the interior is not the most impressive thing.

I’m not a huge fan of classic BMW models, besides, I don’t like all restomods. But I have to put it straight: what SpeedKore requested by Downey Jr. made the interior of this car, it is a masterpiece and a perfect harmony between classic and modern. You don’t see any signs of modernity? Well, you can’t see, because the multimedia system is hidden here. In fact, I will not even write more about the cabin, because you just have to see it – so go ahead.

BMW E9 restomod

Oh cool! But what about the power?

I know, I am mean – there is nothing like mentioning that the car does not have 1650 KM and then just go to other issues. But I make up for it: it should start with the fact that the described BMW E9 no longer has a standard 180 HP carburettor engine. Instead, a 3.5-liter engine from the BMW M5 E34 was used sixes with 315 hp.

It is a pity that it was not combined with a manual transmission – a 4-speed automatic transmission works instead. But somehow I would get over it.

The indicators are not serial, but they fit great here.

So far, I thought that the top American restomods are Emory Motorsports and Icon, but I think I need to add a third player to this duo – SpeedKore.

BMW E9 restomod

I’m waiting for them to deal with it now Bit CD.

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