Speedway: Anita Włodarczyk made Paweł Fajdek ashamed. The slag environment was impressed

Fajdek, who won the bronze medal in the hammer throw in Tokyo, openly admitted that Włodarczyk should take the first place, winning gold at the same Olympics. The athlete did not fail to criticize Zmarzlik’s position – too high in his opinion, because according to Fajdek’s opinion, the rider should have trouble getting to the “20” plebiscite.

Many people have already commented on Fajdek’s words, not only from the speedway environment. The president of Moje Bermuda Stali Gorzów also expressed his opinion on this subject, at the same time citing Anita Włodarczyk as a perfect example, who, unlike Fajdek – does not disregard other athletes. She set an example for this a few years ago.

– A few years ago we organized a ball in Gorzów to raise money needed for rehabilitation for Tomasz Gollob. And let’s remember that he was no longer a Stal player then. I had the opportunity to meet Anita Włodarczyk and bid on the ball won by the Olympic gold. She did not hesitate to come to the ball and help Tomasz. It was a great gesture on her part. It didn’t bother her that it was a cinder ball. She wanted help. The same was done by Kamil Stoch, who donated the skis and Agnieszka Radwańska, who donated the tennis racket. There were a lot of these gadgets, thanks to which we managed to collect over 600,000 zlotys. And this is what it should be – athletes should unite, support each other, and not divide through statements such as Paweł Fajdka’s, Grzyb said.

Such a gesture is not a coincidence. Włodarczyk is a declared speedway supporter, and at the beginning of her adventure with sport she practiced a speed bike close to this discipline.

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