Speedway: Jacek Ziółkowski comments on the results of the plebiscite and Fajdek’s words.

– All kinds of plebiscites are a form of fun and this is how it should be treated – says Ziółkowski. – Of course, I have my private opinion about what is the most important in sport. They will probably be thundered at me, but the Olympic gold medal is, in my opinion, the most important, but this does not mean that I do not accept the will of the fans in the plebiscite and I am glad that Bartek Zmarzlik won two years ago, and now he was third – he adds.

– I am surprised that Paweł Fajdek managed to make such a stupid statement – continues Ziółkowski. – I just don’t really understand him? Does he have a grudge that fans did not vote for him?

The poll in the Olympic year was won by football player Robert Lewandowski, which was a surprise to some.

– Let’s face it, football is the most popular sport in the world, if someone is objective, he must admit that it is – claims Ziółkowski. – I agree with what the fans have chosen. I also got Szczakiel in the fall and some people probably didn’t like it. Now, should I apologize that that was the will of the fans?

– Two years ago, the plebiscite was won by Bartosz Zmarzlik, and Robert Lewandowski was second. Let us recall the behavior of Robert Lewandowski. He didn’t take offense at the fans or Bartek. He simply showed that he is not only a great athlete, but a human being. And the fact that he was lower than Bartek in the plebiscite did not diminish and did not diminish his position in sport. In a word, Robert can be a role model for everyone – concluded Ziółkowski.

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