Speedway: Unia Leszno does not want to agree to the departure of Kacper Pludra

The idea of ​​the inhabitants of Leszno seemed excellent, because this year the team will still have a hard time fighting for the gold medal, so it is better to treat the upcoming games as a battle before the next challenges. In addition, the Union wanted to earn really big money on their transfers. We informed some time ago that the 18-year-old Sadurski was valued at 300,000 zlotys, and the 19-year-old Pludra at 400,000 zlotys. While the first of them quickly found a new club, the second is still a player of Unia Leszno.

However, this does not mean the end of negotiations with other clubs, because everyone in the community is aware that Pludra is at the moment the most valuable youth left on the market and can be loaned.

It turns out that among the interested are the authorities of the Gdańsk Coast, which have huge problems in the position of players under 21, and without that it can be very difficult for them to join the fight for promotion to PGE Ekstraliga. The inhabitants of Gdańsk started talks with the Union about the transfer of Pludra, but, like Zooleszcz GKM Grudziądz, they have bounced off the wall.

The clubs should be patient, however, because the closer to the season, the easier it should be to transfer Pludra. If a player loses the fight for a place in the Union Leszno squad, the residents of Leszno will have a choice, either to keep him by force in their club and invest more money in him, or to agree to a loan and earn on it.

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