Speedway: Włókniarz Częstochowa could have been stronger with Bartłomiej Kowalski

It is all about releasing Bartłomiej Kowalski, who could play the role of a junior next season, in a duet with Mateusz Świdnicki. It was enough to persuade Jakub Miśkowiak to take part in the role of a competitor up to 24 years, who would successfully replace Jonas Jeppesen in this position. Not only would the inhabitants of Częstochowa have the strongest pair of juniors in the league anyway, they would additionally strengthen their position under the U24 and would not have to worry about reserves in case of injury, because Kowalski, Świdnicki and Miśkowiak could fill the gap. However, this is not the end of the pluses of such a solution, because besides, the inhabitants of Częstochowa would not allow Betard Sparta, which is their league rival, to be strengthened.

It turns out, however, that the criticism towards Michał Świącik is unfounded in this case. For over a year, the helmsman of Włókniarz did everything he could to persuade Kowalski to extend the contract with the club in Częstochowa. It was for this reason that the junior got the chance to drive in the first matches of the season at the expense of Mateusz Świdnicki. Later, Świącik began to strongly persuade Miśkowiak and Świdnicki to prove themselves as seniors in the next season. Both were not tempted by even more money and blocked this idea to strengthen the team.

Miśkowiak decided that since the last season in the role of a youth is ahead of him, it is worth making the best use of this time. Contrary to appearances, riding as a junior not only gives you the possibility of easier points in youth races, but also makes you have weaker rivals in the next heats. In addition, starting each match with a slightly easier race is a huge advantage that can arrange the entire match and makes it much easier to prepare for the next trips. So it is no wonder that Miśkowiak, and even more so Świdnicki, did not want to agree to a ride with a less privileged number for any money. Moreover, Kowalski did not intend to check his strength in the senior position, and all this meant that the authorities of Włókniarz had to contract Jeppesen.

Now, however, the position of the Dane is not so sure, because Rune Holta signed the Warsaw contract with the club and if only Jeppesen does not drive at a high level, Bartosz Smektała can quickly take over the role of a player up to 24 years old, and for him he will be a Polish senior drove Holt.

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