Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers ridiculed by players. Fans laugh at the characters’ animations and movements

Crystal Dynamics is gearing up for the release of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, but the information currently disclosed and the footage shown do not herald a special expansion pack. Sony took care of PlayStation Advantage, but players are simply ridiculing the character.

Spider-Man will hit Marvel’s Avengers later this month, but the recently released gameplay is getting very mixed feedback. All because of the character’s animation and its appearance – players criticize Crystal Dynamics, which received a famous superhero in their hands, and it was unable to ensure an add-on at the appropriate level.

“Why does a spiderman shoot a net like a white woman in a zumba class”

“Yooo …. please tell me this is not what PS players have had to wait over a year for.”

“Sony spiderman vs crystal dynamics spiderman”

“It looks simple and weird compared to Spider-Man from Insomniac, when you played Spider-Man on PS5, it all looks like crap.”

Some players note that Crystal Dynamics actually faced an embarrassing situation, as the developers clearly did not find the time to develop the expansion. In addition, we will not find story missions, but the studio had to create something, because Sony paid for content prepared exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

The studio even mentioned that it actually decided to focus on all-player elements, but nonetheless … Spider-Man will hit the market. Some Marvel’s Avengers fans criticize Crystal Dynamics heavily for this, as they believe the studio has failed again.

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