Spider-Man: Jon Watts Does Not Rule out a Future Return for Liz Allan

Liz Allan

As you know, the Vulture character was not included in Spider-Man: Far From Home, despite all the initial reports that wanted the opposite, and with him, of course, his daughter Liz, played by Laura Harrier.

And just as Spider-Man: Far From Home started its box office race (it will only be released next Wednesday, July 10th), director Jon Watts explained that he was ready to reuse the character of Liz in future Spider-Man saga film if Marvel Studios wanted it on board the project.

“Absolutely, of course, I would like to have Liz back in the cast, we have already talked about it, albeit briefly,” the filmmaker confirmed during a recent interview “I mean: it’s a character I’d like to explore a little more in the next chapters”.

Laura Harrier, the actress chosen to play Liz in Spider-Man: Homecoming, is 29, a good deal more than the rest of the cast of young actors whose age ranges between 22 and 23 years. Watts noted, therefore, how Thanos’s finger snap could have solved this age problem: “He was five years older than the others when we shot Homecoming, and now he could play it with his own age. Probably Liz survived the snap and she became five years older than the others, so now she would be Laura’s age.”

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