Spielberg and Kylie Jenner are among celebrities with flights in private jets exposed on the web | went viral

If you at least once in your life thought about what it would be like to have (or just fly) in a jet while browsing the internet or leafing through a celebrity magazine, know that you are not alone. Since for the vast majority of mortals this is a rather difficult dream to fulfill, how about snooping a little into the lives of famous people who travel small and large distances through the air?

This is exactly the proposal of the twitter Celebrity Jets, which has been tracking celebrity jets since October 2021. The page takes the data from ADSBexchange.com, a cooperative that calls itself the world’s largest public source of unfiltered flight data for amateurs, researchers and journalists.

run here that the gshow shows you some of these posts:

Page monitors international celebrity jets — Photo: Twitter

It’s not just Maverick, from “Top Gun”, who enjoys a rolezinho in the heights, his interpreter, Tom Cruise, too!

Guess who traveled to Nassau last week? Whoever said Kylie Jenner got it right.

For the youngest of the Kardashians to escape ground traffic seems to be very important. In this example she flew for just 13 minutes to reach her destination in California.

Jay-Z also did not escape the eyes of the account organizers.

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