Spielberg rekindles Leclerc and smashes Sainz’s dreams, Schumacher takes a taste

The eleventh round of the world championship marks the halfway point of the World Championship and a point of no return for the hopes of the Spanish Ferrari driver


Monstrously iridescent dreams. Return to the top step of the podium exactly three months after Melbourne (fifth career success) red candidacy is worth in the hunt for Verstappen. Charles targets Max three times and passes three times. Of course, the performance gap between Ferrari and Red Bull was there for all to see but direct confrontation always presents equally evident risks and the Monegasque has been able to tame them.


Two Grands Prix without getting on the top podium. Not even the most gifted driver of the group (as well as reigning world champion) can do much if the car is “objectively” one step (of the podium …) below the direct competitor. Sainz’s knockout helps him, Max, however, has the merit of not giving up anything until the end and to be in the right place to take advantage of a second unexpected red, which almost materializes for real.


At the dawn of the turning point of the World Championship, finally double one hundred (points in the standings). Third consecutive podium for Lewis, with the fundamental “contribution” of the troubles of others and always on the lowest step. He’s settling internal accounts with Russell but fighting with Ocon, Magnussen and Schumacher is not enough. But Lewis rolls up the sleeves of his tracksuit every other Sunday as well. In the balance of the weekend, half a point less is worth the serious mistake in qualifying.


Eighth at Silverstone, sixth at Spielberg: Mick’s season “turned” just at the moment when his still very young parable had taken a dangerous turn. Above all thanks to the recent leap in quality of the Haas, confirmed by the performances of the teammate Magnussen, who Schumi’s son has beaten twice in a row in eight days, moreover showing character in the double challenge (Sprint and GP) with Hamilton on the Austrian ups and downs.


Bad luck has nothing to do with it. Only six and a half for a weekend that saw him darting against his teammate only in the Sprint Race. In the real GP, however, Carlos faithfully copies Charles (in the sense of the repeated chases with overtaking at Verstappen) before the knockout of his power unit and the escape from the stake of the car. A weekend with a disappointing outcome which ends in the worst possible way a week that started on the contrary with wings on the feet, the day after the first career victory.


His GP did not last long: after only three kilometers his Red Bull fills up with gravel on the escape route of turn four following the contact of his rear right with the front left of Russell’s Mercedes. He somehow drags himself forward for half the GP, then raises the white flag, to close a rather colorless weekend that also cost him second place in the general classification. As expected, the Monegasque exploit was not followed up.


A very substantial performance and a fifth place that is anything but despicable. High marks that Esteban deserves to the end, also and above all for being able to remain substantially out of the hot zone of the match, which in this case is not the one for the podium but the rather frantic one of the close matches between the various Schumacher, Norris and Magnussen, to name only the most excited.


It somehow gets back on track, kicking off … a new series of top five placings after zero in the Silverstone standings. He starts fourth and crosses the finish line in the same position. However, contact with Perez a few corners after the start costs him dearlyperhaps even the third step of the podium, harpooned instead – here – by team mate Hamilton.


From the last row to the top ten: strong-willed performance by the Spaniard who, however “Collect” once more from your teammate. He carves out a moment as a leader when he scolds YUKI TSUNODA (VOTE 4) who had sent him to the grass, oblivious to the fact that the downhill detachment of turn four was approaching rather quickly!

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