STALKER 2 delayed? The game is to hit PS5 and offer unique features

We have been waiting for a concrete presentation of the latest GSC Game World item for many months, but if the latest rumor is confirmed, the full STALKER 2 promotional campaign will start much later. The game will reportedly not hit the market in April.

In June last year, Microsoft presented impressive material from the latest STALKER. Since then, the creators came up with an idiotic idea with the NFT, later met with criticism and withdrew from the project. We haven’t received specific trailers and fragments of the game for far too long, but it’s possible that everything is due to an impending delay.

STALKER 2 according to OLDboi (Ukrainian YouTuber) received a message according to which production will not debut on April 28. The title is not expected to hit the market until autumn.

The studio reportedly doesn’t mention the delay as it hopes to sell as many pre-orders as possible. OLDboi also mentioned one more curiosity – STALKER 2 is expected to hit PlayStation 5. The premiere is rumored to take place in late 2022 or early 2023, and developers will take advantage of the unique features of the DualSense controller – including adaptive triggers and haptic vibrations.

This is by no means confirmed news, but it’s worth noting that the developers behind STALKER 2 still haven’t started a specific promotion of the adventure. In fact, we still haven’t seen any longer snippets of the game that would prepare players for the story.


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