Starbucks is preparing to open a new venue in the Pellicciai gallery in Verona

The hypothesis of opening a Starbucks store in Verona dates back to 2016, when the well-known American coffee company announced the first “Italian” opening based in Milan, offering two more later: Venice and, indeed, Verona. The site chosen for the new opening in the Scaligero capital now seems to have been built, that is the one where the “Black Eagle” once stood, in the Pellicciai gallery, a few steps from Piazza delle Erbe.

The American coffee multinational has in fact already started work inside the future headquarters in Verona, where the first logos of the brand begin to appear on the windows. At the moment, however, there is still no certainty about the date of the next opening, as well as no official announcement in this regard has been provided, for the moment, by the group.

The company has over 28,000 locations worldwide in 78 different countries around the world, of which 12,000 in the United States alone. With the inauguration of Starbucks, Verona will therefore see an increase in the presence of clubs with an international flavor in its historic center, after the openings of KFC in the Piazza Erbe area and the even more recent one of the Hard Rock Cafe in Piazza Bra.

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