Stars at the Dolce & Gabbana show: Jennifer Lopez, Helen Mirren, Heidi Klum with her daughter debuting on the catwalk … (PHOTOS)

The coronovirus pandemic affected almost all industries, and the restrictions and difficulties related to the sanitary regime also affected the world of fashion. In this way, most of the shows that took place in recent months had to be organized without an audience, and the longing fashionistas had to settle for online relations.

Taking advantage of the last moments before the advent of the fourth wave of COVID-19, the Dolce & Gabbana duo decided to present their latest collection at truly epic style. On Sunday, in St. Mark’s Square, where guests and models arrived in gondolas, there were, among others: Jennifer Lopez, Helen Mirren, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Ciara, Kris Jenner, Ciara, Bebe Rexha if Normani.

This day will undoubtedly remain in the memory of the German supermodel for a long time Heidi Klum, because it was at the spectacular D&G show that her 16-year-old daughter made her catwalk debut, Leni Klum.

She worked well as a model?


This young Klum’s daughter Cindy is not growing up to her heels

I am impressed by the beauty of Helen Mirren and, of course, the acting skills 😊

My grandmother calls this puberty and gabbana: D


Diddy’s twins aren’t pretty

She’s pretty Leni, but is she a model material?

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Towarzycho flies and plays, while children are killed in Afghanistan.

Heidi has grown old unfortunately. And this 20 years younger husband … was carried away just before the menopause … and my daughter, Well, like thousands of other young girls

Olivia Bieni …

6 min. ago

Today’s big event: Dancing with the stars. Dancing with the Stars. 20:05 POLSAT !!! The whole of Poland is watching

It is puzzling why young girls like H. Klum’s daughter do not have a penny of self-criticism. Model? With such legs and height? It’s not about making women complex. Everyone should look for potential in themselves. It’s hard to be so built and play model because mommy is there. The same was the daughter of Paradis and Depp. They have money like ice, they can educate themselves, travel, explore the world, and they are so lazy. When you write about Lopez as the greatest star, you are showing off your extreme ignorance. An ordinary celebrity promoted by former husband of M. Carey. Lopez can’t sing. It functions thanks to connections and romance. Her appearance is downright comical. Przasna, heavy, average face painfully expressing nothing at all. Helen Miren, despite her age, beautiful and classy. Lopez and other tandeciary dressed according to the rule “just a lot and sparkling” can learn from her.

Diddi’s twins are ugly, Kris Jenner looks like a cleaner. Only Jennifer Lopez royally, dignified and beautiful.

And where is Monica Bellucci with her daughter, who also made her runway debut there?

Hellen Mirren is holding up well, Zoe Saladana is also nice, Vin is cool too, these are stars, not our celebrities.

Beautiful Zoe, such a delicate beauty and nice skin color like our Ola Szwed.


And Kevin the Clown was? That’s what my mother says

Helen is indestructible … It looks beautiful

Most beautifully Jlo and Helen Mirren. The rest of the jifades are good for one season as are their fancy creations.

I see some people took the dress code too seriously 🙈

She’s pretty Leni, but is she a model material?

I also have a pretty daughter and knowing that there is no chance of being a model with such designers because there are no famous parents who would push her there

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