Stefano Passarello biography: who he is, age, height, weight, tattoos, girlfriend, Instagram and private life

Stefano Passarello influencer, is born in Florence in 1997is high one meter and seventy centimeters, Weighs sixty-five kilos and has brown eyes and hair.

Tattoos: Stefano has several tattoo on his body. At the moment she has seven tattoosbut does not exclude making others.

Stefano lets himself be known through social networks, where his Instagram oficial profile is very popular.

“I have been an influencer for about 5 years now and I admit that it has absolutely changed my life, obviously for the better. I am happy and I thank all the people who follow me every day for all the affection they give me “,

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But who is Stefano in everyday life, away from social media?

“I’m a very quiet person, I can’t stand lies and always prefer the truth. I am quite reserved on the private side, I do not need to advertise myself for everything I do or say (time will take care of it). I also love the envious because obviously there is nothing to say about them. I am a person who is never satisfied and I always look for the best, always thinking big “,

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Away from social networks, Stefano plays football in a team of D series. She loves to travel and loves food.

At the moment no information is available regarding his private life.

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