Stellantis, Mele: “The end of the internal combustion engine? Already in 2027 “

Europe has set for the 2035 the farewell to endothermic engines, but, in reality, the end of traditional technologies will be accelerated by the obligations imposed also by the now imminent Euro 7 regulations. Davide Mele, senior vice president of Corporate Affairs Stellantis Italy, spoke about the future of engines at the national congress of Uilm, the Italian Union of Metalworkers: “We embrace the transition, but let’s not forget that there is a Euro 7 legislation that obliges companies to invest in an internal combustion engine that in 2035 goes to die. So, if we actually look at the reasoning we are making, in reality 2027 will already be a year in which the internal combustion engine will undergo an acceleration towards its end ”.

Road traced. Therefore, it is not only the European ban that puts traditional technologies at risk, but also the new regulations currently at the center of discussions between the various continental entities and still not better defined in their final form. For some time, however, the automotive sector has been sounding the alarm about new regulations that are too stringent that will lead to a premature end for internal combustion engines. Also for this reason, as indicated by Mele himself, a “revision” of the current legislative proposals is requested. Anyway, how remarked several times by the CEO of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, the group has decided to adapt to the European diktats, establishing a path that will lead in 2030 to offer only electric cars in Europe. In this regard, Mele reiterated: “Stellantis has identified a plan that embraces the electric in a complete way, wants to play as a leader and anticipate the target of 2035 to 2030. It wants to play the challenge as winners, building a clean, safe car. , connected and accessible “. However, there is no shortage of risks. “The costs of this technological transformation are high, 50% more for the same segment, and huge investments are required to meet this challenge”, underlined the manager.

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