Stephen Fry in The Morning Show, Angelique Cabral will be the ex-wife of Jensen Ackles in Big Sky and other news in brief

Plus Olivia Scott Welch joins Bob Odenkirk and Mireille Enos in Straight Man and Hulu cancels the romantic comedy Maggie after just one season.

The Morning Show will be able to count on another star of the highest profile in the third season. Stephen Fry (left in the photo above), recently also seen in the series The Sandman And The Dropoutwill play a recurring role in the upcoming episodes of the flagship series of Apple TV +.

In the series set behind the scenes of a morning news program, Fry will play Leonard Cromwell, a ruthless UBA board member working to lead the company at a financially difficult time. The third season, which also involves the new entries in the main cast Nicole Beharie And Jon Hamm beyond Tig Notaro And Julianna Margulies which will instead have recurring roles, is currently in production and will arrive soon on Apple TV +.

Big Sky 3: Angelique Cabral in the cast of the ABC series

In the ABC house, on the other hand, Angelique Cabral (Undone, Grace and Frankie, Maggieright in the photo above) is ready to play an important role in the third season of Big Sky. The showrunner of the series Elwood Reid unveiled a TVLine that the actress will play Carla, the ex-wife of the poor Beau Arlen interpreted, since the last episodes of last season, by Jensen Ackles (which will return to be adjusted in the new season). Beau hinted at his ex-wife in the Season 2 finale when she said she was now married to “a tech mogul who owns a ranch just south of town” and confessed to Cassie that he was still in love with Carla. . Carla’s new husband will instead be played by the previously announced Henry Ian Cusick.

Maggie canceled after only one season

Just Angelique Cabral was in the cast of the romantic comedy Maggie that just was deleted from the streaming video service after just one season. Streaming to the US last July, Maggie followed suit Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project) as a psychic trying to make sense of her life. Maggie could see what fate had in store for her friends, her parents, her clients and even strangers she met on the street, but when she suddenly saw a glimpse of her own future, she was forced to start living in the present of her.

Olivia Scott Welch in Straight Man

The star of Prime Video’s ill-fated teen series Paniccanceled after only one season, Olivia Scott Welch found her next television role. The young actress will join Bob Odenkirk And Mireille Enos in Straight Manthe AMC series based on the novel of the same name by Richard Russo. In the Odenkirk series, he plays William Henry Devereaux Jr. the unlikely and reluctant president of the English department of an underfunded college in Pennsylvania’s Rust Belt. In the throes of a midlife crisis, the protagonist must deal with unresolved issues with his father, deal with a mediocre student body and a wife who he thinks is cheating on him with the rector.

Welch will play Julie, the daughter of Hank (Odenkirk) and Lily (Enos). Julie and Hank have almost nothing in common (or so her father thinks): she doesn’t like reading, she never graduated, she doesn’t have a job that allows her to live a dignified life, yet she feels empowered to adapt to the style. of his parents’ life. But she is strong-willed and self-possessed, a person who knows exactly what she wants in her life, even if she’s a little confused about how to get it.

Michael Mando in Apple TV + Sinking Spring

To stay on the subject of former star of Better Call Saulalso Michael Mando has found his next engagement on TV. The actor has joined the cast of the new Apple TV + series Sinking Springstarring the veteran of Atlanta Brian Tyree Henry. The 8 episode drama – written by Peter Craig (Top Gun: Maverick) and directed by Ridley Scott (Raised by Wolves) – revolves around an unclear number of Philadelphia thugs, lifelong friends, who pose as DEA agents to rob any house in the country. But what was supposed to be a robbery becomes a matter of life and death as they unknowingly uncover and uncover the largest secret narcotics trade on the east coast. Mando will play Manny Cespedes, a kindhearted friend Ray (Henry) had met several years earlier in reform school.

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