Stoch made a leap that recently seemed abstract! “He won? He is lazy on money”

In training, Stoch’s jumps were solid – the Pole drove quickly on the threshold, he did not stand out from the best, as he used to, and the distances were also good – 125 and 112 meters in changing conditions and winding winds. It promised that the player from Ząb was looking strong before the first weekend, but the jump in qualifying took everyone by surprise.

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The secret weapon of Polish jumpers for the new season. They didn’t want to reveal what was going on

Kamil Stoch’s firecracker! A victory in qualifying, although the jumper remains calm

Stoch fired a firecracker, like from his best times. 135 meters, a beautiful, impeccable flight and a victory in qualifying. The Pole showed great class. – I would say great – said Stoch in response to the question of Kacper Merk from Eurosport after the jump, when asked how he assessed the opening. Although it is advisable not to suggest by simply jumping from qualification. – I am more happy with the day in general, because it is great to feel the snow under the skis, brake sideways and feel the winter aura – he assessed.

Kamil Stoch during qualifying in Nizhny TagilThe green line is far behind Kamil Stoch! This is how the Pole defeated the competition in Nizhny Tagil

Such a jump by Stoch would have been an abstraction until recently. “I wouldn’t draw attention”

– You may have felt in interviews recently that I was insecure, but I knew myself what I was doing all summer – said Stoch. And in fact, after the Polish championship in Zakopane, it seemed that Stoch would enter the season calmly. Jumps like the Friday one seemed like an abstraction. – Hard weeks, intensive training and hard time are behind me, but I worked it well – said the jumper then.

– I realize that I still have a lot to do. I wouldn’t pay attention to distance and score. My goal is just to keep jumping well, systematically doing what I have to do. Nizhny Tagil can be deceptive, ‘added Kamil Stoch.

Stoch’s jump as a result of a strong gust? “You wish you were so lucky”

Conditions in Nizhny Tagil have to be adjusted. There were lottery games throughout the qualifications, and Stoch himself had the third strongest blast into the skis during Friday’s competition. The conditions were typical for the competition in Nizhny Tagil: the wind was blowing, and the competitors who met the silence in the air and exited high from the threshold could fly away.

– You would like to be as lucky as your friend a moment ago – said Dawid Kubacki about Stoch’s jump for Eurosport. And surprised, he asked: “Won? Eager for money” – this is in turn a reference to the award that Stoch received: three thousand Swiss francs. – Anger speaks through me, because I would like to fly like this and that it would be a bit of luck – Kubacki pointed out.

Summer Polish Ski Jumping Championships in ZakopaneNew season, new hopes. “Kubacki can do everything. It could be his winter”

Chochlik prompted Stoch. Will it enter the season in great shape?

– It’s a busy weekend ahead of me. I have to put a lot of effort into concentration and mental preparation for the competition, both materially and mentally. There is a lot going on and you have to be focused on yourself. I am not calm. I feel the nerves for every jump, adrenaline and a little imp that says: come on! Show what you can do! And you have to keep yourself in check, laughed Kamil Stoch.

Kamil Stoch also won the qualification last season – in Wisła and he jumped as he had not gotten used to from the beginning of the competition in the winter, but then he was not helped by the migraine. Now it can be hoped again that such a jump of the Pole is a harbinger of his excellent condition. And although the Pole warns not to be influenced by him too much, it is hard not to notice his smile and a completely different attitude after such a successful first day on the hill of the season. First of all, let us wish him to maintain the concentration he mentioned, because on Saturday and Sunday it can be crucial for good results.

A sensation in jumping.  The world champion was eliminated, although he was the best in trainingA sensation in jumping. The world champion was eliminated, although he was the best in training

The first individual competition of the Olympic season is scheduled for Saturday, November 20 at 16:00. The competition will be broadcast on Eurosport, Eurosport Player and for the first time in history on the TVN channel. Live coverage on and in the LIVE application.

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