Storm on the Aeolian Islands, Stromboli overwhelmed by mud. Controversy on the debris of the fire in May –

from Lara Sirignano

Inspection by the Port Authority, there is one wounded and the first evacuations start. The Pro Loco and tour operators accuse: the fault of the debris due to the fire that started from a TV set: The abandoned island. Lipari water in homes and shops

Torrential rains fell all night on the Aeolian archipelago causing damage and flooding in particular in Stromboli and Lipari.

In Stromboli, mud and debris hit houses and roads and made it impossible to circulate in several places. The first evacuations are being evaluated. And there is also a first injured, even if his conditions are not serious. On the island, both tourists and residents are hard at work removing the debris. There is no lack of controversy: In Stromboli, anger and frustration for the damage announced that could very well have been mitigated with the preventive and required intervention by the competent authorities. what we read in a note from Federalberghi Isole Eolie and the Pro-loco Amo Stromboliin which the situation of abandonment in which the Stromboli mountain was left is denounced also following the calamitous intervention of last May 25-26 that had burned a large portion of Mediterranean scrub, affecting some houses and affecting some crops.

There would be no problems in Ginostra, while in Lipari the port of Sottomonastero flooded and rainwater invaded homes and shops. There are no injuries.

The general manager of the regional Department of Civil Protection, Salvo Cocina, is following the evolution of the situation from the Operations Room, informing the President of the Musumeci Region and the Department of National Civil Protection. In the two islands the carabinieri and the men of the Civil Protection are on alert.

The Municipality of Lipari is trying to remove the mud with bobcat and the Fire Brigade of Lipari and Vulcano are reaching Stromboli with a patrol boat from the Harbor Master’s Office for an inspection of the areas affected by the storm. There is no damage to the Paroxysm and Tsunami Early Warning systems.

August 12, 2022 (change August 12, 2022 | 15:18)

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