Stranger Things 4 who are the voice actors of the protagonists

Stranger Things 4 who are the voice actors of the protagonists

Crazy about Stranger Things? Then maybe you will also want to find out who are the voice actors of the protagonists in the Italian version of the Netflix series.

Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown: sure, the protagonists of Stranger Things. Their names and faces are now known to all fans of the hugely popular Netflix series, of which the second part of the highly anticipated and highly acclaimed fourth season has just been released on Friday. But what about their voices?

Many fans and non-English-speaking viewers obviously see the series on Netflix by selecting the Italian dubbing of the original in English, and therefore do not know the real voices of the actors of the series, but those of our own voice actors. Therefore, the latter must be considered to all intents and purposes the protagonists of Stranger Things, contributing in some way, with their acting, to the success of the series in our country. But who do we have to thank, then, for the voices of Eleven and all the others?

Stranger Things: who are the Italian voice actors of the protagonists


Behind the face of Winona Ryder hides one of the most famous and appreciated Italian voice actresses in circulation: Giuppy Izzo comes from a family of artists, given that his father Renato was one of the greatest voice actors and dubbing directors in Italy; moreover, the older sisters Rossella, Simona and Fiamma do the same job. She is 54 years old and has also voiced Renée Zellweger, Rachel Weisz, Jennifer Connelly and Halle Berry.


50 years old from Livorno, he is known for having voiced not only David Harbor in Stranger Thingsbut also Channing Tatum, Tego Calderon and Taika Waititi.


Born in 2004 (therefore, two years younger than Finn Wolfhard), Giulio Bartolomei has been lending his voice to Mike Wheeler since the second season of Stranger Things and he too comes from a family of voice actors: his older sister Vittoria does the same job, as do his cousins ​​Alessio and Veronica Puccio and Lucrezia Marricchi.


Also from 2004, she voices Millie Bobby Brown from the first season, and is the younger sister of the voice actor Mattia Fabiano. Her voice is now closely linked to that of the young British actress, who she also dubbed in Enola Holmes.


Another “historical” voice of Stranger Things in Italian version: Mattia Fabiano, brother of Chiara Fabiano (older than two years), from the first season lends the voice to the character of Dustin, played by the Italian-American actor Gaten Matarazzo, of which he is the same age.


Romano is another professional from a family of prominent voice actors: his grandfather was Luciano De Ambrosis, his father is Massimo and his mother is the dubbing assistant Elena Masini, while his older brother is Daniele. In the Netlix series he voices the African American actor Caleb McLaughlin.


In Italian, the role of Will Byers is one of the most complicated of the entire series: Lorenzo Oberti, a young emerging voice actor, is in fact the third different voice in four seasons for the character played by Noah Schnapp. In the first season the role went to Lorenzo Farina, but from the following one it passed to Emanuele Suarez, while from the fourth it was assigned to Oberti.


Giulio Bartolomei’s older sister (who plays Mike in Stranger Things) is the Italian voice of actress Sadie Sink, who also dubbed in Haley And Fear Street.


Born in 1999, Veronica Benassi is the daughter of Stefano and Chiara Salerno, and the younger sister of Isabella, all three voice actors. Among the actresses she voiced include Angourie Rice, Mackenzie Foy and Thomasin McKenzie, as well as of course Natalia Dyer, Nancy Wheeler of Stranger Things.


Charlie Heaton’s voice is that of Federico Campaiola, who you may have already heard in series as Jessica Jones, Legends of Tomorrow, or in films with actors such as Lucas Hedges and Tye Sheridan. He was born in Rome in 1995, his mother is the voice actress Monica Ward, his brother is Alessandro Campaiola and his uncles are Luca and Andrea Ward.


Jonathan’s rival for Nancy’s heart is voiced by the older brother of Charlie Heaton’s voice actor: behind the face of Joe Keery, in the Italian version of Stranger Things Alessandro Campaiola, born in 1992 and, as we have seen, son and grandson of art, is therefore hiding.


She was born in Romania in 1997, but three years later she was already in Rome and soon proved to be a great talent for dubbing, to the point that she started working at the age of 9. Emanuela Ionica is best known for being the voice of the protagonist Martina Stoessel in Violet, but he also voiced famous actresses such as Elle Fanning, Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe Moretz and Bella Thorne. Curiously, one of the few non-born voice actors double in Stranger Things an actress daughter of art: Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

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