Stranger Things, Ariana Grande, Naruto – such crossovers only in Fortnite

July 21, 2021, 12:04

The last few days have brought a handful of more leaks with new content in Fortnite. There are many indications that a concert by Ariana Grande will take place in the game. Characters from the Naruto anime and elements from the Stranger Things series will also appear next season.


  1. Information from the court trial between Epic Games and Apple, as well as sources referring to the proven leaker, suggest that Fortnite many crossovers will be available.
  2. Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga are to have their concerts in the game.
  3. Elements from brands such as Naruto if Stranger Things.

According to the new information, the developers from Epic Games have planned a lot of attractions that will appear in the future in Fortnite. Popular battle royale regularly makes crossovers with well-known pop culture brands. The documents disclosed in the court trial between Epic Games and Apple indicate that Ariana Grande will be the next artist to give a concert on the servers Fortnite ?? a. The star would thus join Travis Scott and DJ Marshmello, who also performed before the in-game audience. Moreover, next in line would be a Lady Gaga concert. This information was also confirmed by the well-known leaker, according to which the singer is not the only thing that awaits the players Fortnitewhen it comes to ambitious crossovers.

Stranger Things, Ariana Grande, Naruto - such crossovers only in Fortnite - illustration # 1

The artist is about to appear on the stage in Fortnite; Photo: SkyNews

Leaks suggest that the list of franchises to cooperate with Epic Games is long. We have items like Stranger Things, thanks to which the so-called The Sideways, i.e. an alternative dimension connected with the real world (modeled on Upside Down from the series), from which monsters will enter the battlefield. Further on the list we find anime which enjoys unflagging popularity Naruto. Epic Games is trying to make anime elements part of the battle streak of Season 8. The game is to hit, among others weapons from Japanese animation ?? kunai. We should also mention the characters from Justice League and Suicide Squadwhich are also to be added. Unfortunately, we currently do not have any information which heroes will be transferred to the game by the studio.

While information from official documents can be believed, one should be careful about leaker leaks, because they may turn out to be colored / distorted. However, the administration of the subreddit, on which the revelations were published, claims that the information is certain, and the author of the leaks has proven many times that he is a proven source.

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