Summer 2022 haircuts: the Beetlejuice-style fringe

“Say my name, say it twice and I’ll be there at the third!”

Apparently, someone must have said the fateful name of Beetlejuice, the spiteful, irreverent and irrepressible spirit protagonist of the 1988 Tim Burton film of the same name. And, with him, the iconic pointed bangs by Lydia Deetz, hair trend that has already conquered the summer of 2022.

A haircut with mini bangs, fromgothic allure and couture at the same time. Undoubtedly, a risky choice, which – over the years – has won over several stars. From Emma Watson to Zoë Kravitz, up to Alexa Demie and Billie Eilish.

The effect is one well-defined style bangs, which brings to mind the gothic and eccentric look of a very young Winona Ryder. Fortunately, the Beetlejuice bangs are perfect to be combined with the most beautiful haircuts of summer 2022. And not only that, because this type of micro fringe has already been spotted on the catwalks of next autumn winter.

Fringe Beetlejuce Maitrepierre bbt F22 009

Imaxtree, Maitrepierre

From the pixie cut to the bob, to the scaled cuts and with very defined layers, the Beetlejuice-style bangs are placed in the middle of the forehead and it moves lightly thanks to the small defined locks and parades that characterize it. The effect is gothic and chic, definitely original.

Beetlejuice bangs for summer 2022: an imprecise silhouette that conquers

The charm of the Fringe a la Beetlejuice is that it gives the hair a innate ease. The credit goes to the perimeter of the fringe itself, which – let’s face it – seems to be cut without precision. Very short, parade and zig-zag, it could be reminiscent of an accidental haircut.

Still, there is nothing accidental about the Beetlejuice fringe. The light tips that make up this mini bang, in fact, do they arrange on the forehead with absolute precision. The size of the bangs changes the style of the cut. If tradition dictates a fringe no longer than half the forehead, the lengths can get to touch the eyebrows.

The key to making the Beetlejuice bangs perfect, in fact, is letting the locks arrange themselves vertically and, above all, well separated from each other. A style that is particularly well suited to “long” pixie cut and medium short cuts. On very long hair, in fact, the contrast could be excessively strong.

Beetlejuce Valli bangs bbt S22 076

Imaxtree, Giambattista Valli

A detail to be considered certainly is it Beetlejuice fringe styling. Given the precise, rigorous and even geometric nature of the cut, in fact, it is good to combine it with a smooth fold. In this way, it will be easier to manage the mini lengths and, above all, style the bangs just like Lydia Deetz would.

Discover in the gallery all the Beetlejuice fringe proposals seen on the catwalks and the stars who have already experimented with this haircut.


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