Superbonus and Poste Italiane, the assignment of credits is reality: the dream can come true

Poste Italiane accepts the assignment of credits linked to the Superbonus but only in compliance with specific conditions. Let’s find out when the dream can come true.

Renovating a house with energy efficiency by transferring the credits to the Italian Post Office is possible. Let’s analyze the details of the restart.

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Individuals, businesses and freelancers can transfer the credit to Poste Italiane provided that you have incurred the expenses under first sales. All with reference to the interventions admitted to the Superbonus 110% or other building bonuses. The restart of the measure, therefore, began thanks to the Italian company. There platform is also usable now to proceed with the sale provided that certain conditions are met. The stakes imposed, in reality, they are limiting but necessary for the correct functioning of the Bonus.

Superbonus and the transfer to Poste Italiane, what to know

Only the interested parties who have directly borne the charges and only for the annual quotas usable from 2023 with reference to the expenses made in 2022 or to the residual installments of expenses of previous years. The maximum amount that can be sold is 150 thousand euros even through multiple sales.

In summary, Poste Italiane limits the proposal to taxpayers who have carried out the work and who are therefore first beneficiaries of the tax credit. Furthermore, these subjects will have to proceed with the request exclusively using the dedicated platform upon registration of the credit on the website of the Revenue Agency. The tax credits already subject to transfer, therefore, will not be accepted. This directive also applies to credits accrued subsequently to the discount on the invoice.

This means that a condominium can contact the Italian Post Office only after paying for the interventions admitted to the Superbonus without taking advantage, however, of the discount on the invoice that the company could apply. The company itself, then, will not be able to ask for the transfer to Poste because it would not be a first transfer.

Other information to know

The credit assignment is granted only to holders of a BancoPosta current account and, limited to this condition, ai individuals, professionals and companies. As mentioned, the request must be sent electronically by accessing the reference platform with the SPID digital credentials. All communication will then take place via e-mail. Poste Italiane asks customers that the mailbox is displayed frequently in order not to miss important information or requests that have a time limit.

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It is also necessary to know that applications will be accepted only with reference to credit transfers in which the assignor has made use of a financial intermediary approved by the Revenue Agency and of a asseverator. Finally, we remind you that the timing of the investigation can have a duration of two months and a half to which to add, then, the timing of the tax audits.

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