“Supersonic missile launched on Pakistan by mistake.” The Delhi government apologizes, but there is tension

A supersonic missile from India was launched on Pakistan “by mistake”. This was admitted by the Indian Foreign Ministry, which immediately apologized for the incident. The missile it penetrated for 124 km into Pakistani territory, fortunately without causing human victims. The launch of the torpedo, as reported by the statement from the Ministry of Defense, it is due to a technical malfunction during routine maintenance operations“. Pakistan this morning summoned the Indian ambassador to whom it expressed the “strong protest of Islamabad for the flagrant violation of Pakistani airspace which contravenes all international security rules and protocols”.

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Islamabad also asked the Delhi government for a transparent investigation into the incident. On the evening of the incident, at a press conference, the Pakistani army spokesman, Major General Babar Ifthikar, said that the missile departed from Sirsa and landed near Mian Channu, in the Khaneval district, traveling to a height of 12,190 meters and endangering scheduled flights in both Pakistani and Indian airspace. “The crash could have caused a major plane crash and killed civilians,” the spokesman added.

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