Surprise ending – Official Competition and The Northman

Surprise ending – Official Competition and The Northman. These are the films for you, proposed by L’In Inquiry Sicily for this week

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Surprise ending – Official Competition

Surprise ending – Official Competition

Surprise ending – Official Competition (Competencia oficial, Spain / Argentina, 2021) by Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat with Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Oscar Martínez, José Luis Gómez

From the very lucid Argentine authors of The Illustrious Citizen (who then was none other than the notable Oscar Martínez, also present here to embellish the tried and tested Cruz-Banderas tandem) we get this controlled – almost to the end – game of massacre on a cinematic background, a grotesque confrontation between a butterfly and instinctive star and an inflexible and methodical theatrical actor, sadistically contrasted by an avant-garde director for the film adaptation of a successful novel. A commissioned work (on the whim of a rich man) which, only in the preparatory phase, turns into a grotesque confrontation, incited by the filmmaker / referee who soon becomes a party to the dispute; a representation that becomes more and more real, a female revenge punctuated by ominously hilarious moments.

The Northman

The Northman

The Northman (id., USA, 2022) by Robert Eggers with Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang

Remodeled concretely in post-production, the most recent effort by acclaimed Robert Eggers does not have the mysterious charm of The Witch or the essentiality of The Lighthouse. However, the legend (from which Shakespeare drew) of the Viking prince who in the tenth century intends to avenge the killing of his father by his usurper uncle borrows from the previous ones a cautious gloom and a sense of disquiet. In his filthy epic construction Eggers maintains enviable skills of staging and absence of fear of cruel implications, as well as insinuating the question of the recognizability of tyranny.

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