“Surprised by the 4 points with Barca. Inzaghi? We managers and Zhang have never thought for a second of an alternative”

On the sidelines of the AIC Football Grand Gala, Beppe Marotta he paused with the reporters present to answer their questions. Here are the words of the Inter CEO:

Anomalous championship.
“Certainly, this is the first time that this kind of phenomenon has occurred with the World Cup, which must be understood and interpreted. It is necessary to see at a distance which formations will be able to emerge”.

We will need a super comeback from Inter.
“Definitely yes, the important thing is to close on the second Sunday of November while remaining hooked to the leading group. In the second part we will bring out the best”.

Did you expect an Inter like this in Europe?
“You know that the Champions League is a tournament, the single game counts for a lot. We were surprised by the double performance against Barcelona, ​​we couldn’t imagine scoring 4 points with such a famous team.”

Inter have not had Lukaku so far.
“As you know, football is a team sport and you should never rely on a single player.”

Inter’s secret after a difficult start.
“In reality, it is as if we had started with an invisible handicap, which we could not understand, then with the maturity of the team and the professionalism of the coach we were able to find consistency and motivation. The team that had fun and won so many points is back. in the past season “.

Did the club feel annoyed by the rumors about the manager during the crisis period?
“We are used to receiving criticism, it is part of the game. From the president to the executives, we have never imagined for a single second to an alternative. I have never changed coach in the race in 27 years as a manager, there were no conditions at all. They are proofs of maturity of the executive class “.

Inter for sale, what can you tell us?
“These are things that pass over my head, the property has done its duty, we are a company that has honored its contractual obligations to the end”.

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