Susan Gervaise reunites with her brothers after 53 years

Susan Gervaise passed away in 1969 at the age of 4, reunited with her family after 53 years. The little girl was kidnapped during a trip with family friends to the famous “Disney World” amusement park in Orlando, Florida (United States). Too bad the little girl in Florida never got there.

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Susan Gervaise finds her family after 50 years: the case

The family with which little Susan had left for Florida actually never went to the USA. The little girl lived her whole life between Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the fake parents had always told her they had adopted her. After the tragic death, the desperate family had now lost all hope. A five-decade long wait. The incredible reunion took place thanks to an appeal launched on Facebook by Susan’s husband, from Australia, where the couple lives. Less than 30 minutes after publication, relatives in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, immediately made themselves heard by answering the call.

So Susan was able to reunite with four of her six siblings. Her mother passed away 8 years ago. Susan who now runs the Fresh Start Mission charity with her husband Hamilton, 57, she learned the truth when she went to start the paperwork for the renewal of her passport, discovering that the people who had always told her they were her adoptive parents had never actually adopted her and that there was no certificate on the matter.

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