Sweden is gearing up for an unprecedented increase in the number of infections

– We have a very rapid increase in the spread of infection. This is a scale we haven’t even come close to before, Tegnell said at his weekly press conference.

Fatal forecasts for Sweden

According to the updated scenario of the development of the pandemic in Sweden, published on Thursday by the Public Health Authority, at the end of January, the daily number of registered infections may reach an average of 47 thousand. or 69 thou.

In the optimistic version, it was assumed that inoculation with three doses protects against Omikron in 70%. On the other hand, the pessimistic forecast assumes that this ratio is 30%.

“It is clear that with the spread of infection so tremendously, even if Omikron produces milder symptoms, the healthcare system will have to deal with more patients,” Tegnell stressed.

Overburdened health service

Meanwhile, as Mattias Fredricson of the National Council for Health and Human Services admitted, “health care preparedness in the event of a major crisis is less than usual due to staff exhaustion from previous waves.”

For several days, laboratories have not kept up with the evaluation of PCR tests, it happens that you have to wait up to three days for the result. Authorities in some regions have changed recommendations to discourage people who are asymptomatic from being tested for Covid-19 in this way.

According to estimates, up to half of the approx. 10 million inhabitants of Sweden may become infected with the coronavirus by March.

Emergency Situations Authority (MSB) expert Svante Werger expressed concern about the possible “collapse of social functions” if many people are dismissed at the same time.

Large increases in infections

In Sweden, the royal family fell ill with Covid-19 in recent days, and after Wednesday’s parliamentary debate, also the leaders of two groups: the Center Party and the Environmental Protection Party – the Greens.

In Gothenburg, the public transport company restricts buses and trams due to high employee absenteeism. Problems with the lack of staff are experienced by the SJ state railways, which translated into changes in the train timetable.

In Stockholm, the National Museum was closed due to sickness of workers.

In recent days, the number of coronavirus infections in Sweden has drastically increased to 20-25 thousand. during the day. No new statistics were released on Thursday due to IT system overload.

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