Sweden: Magdalena Andersson becomes the first woman to head the government

Elected on Thursday as prime minister Andersson after six hours, she resigned when she announced her resignation from the government Environmental Protection Party – The Greens. The Greens’ decision was the result of the parliamentary approval of the 2022 budget of the opposition right-wing parties, in which, inter alia, gasoline tax reduction was announced.

In another vote on Monday, Andersson obtained the least support required – the majority of MPs were “in” or “abstained”.

The right-wing opposition (174 votes), composed of a grouping opposing immigrants, was opposed Swedish Democrats, center-right Moderate Coalition Party, Christian Democrats, and Liberals.

Ulf Kristersson from the Moderate Coalition Party, the new Swedish government has called “the weakest since 1978”. Workers Party-Social Democrats it has only 100 seats out of 349. Kristersson reminded of the challenges. “Every day there are shootings in Sweden, and every week a man is killed,” he said in the debate.

Leader of the Swedish Democrats Jimmie Akesson he pointed out that the government “bought” the support of one non-attached parliamentarian Amineh Kakabaveh (belonged to the Left Party) in exchange for strengthening cooperation with the Kurdish communist party PYD. As Akesson pointed out, this grouping has ties to the terrorist separatist movement of the Turkish Kurdish PKK.

The Social Democrat government will rule until September 2022, when parliamentary elections are scheduled. Prime Minister Andersson, Sweden’s first female head of government, will be forced to implement the budget of the right-wing opposition in an election year.


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