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The conservative website nyheteridag.se published a photo in which about 15- or 16-year-old Ida Karkiainen (social democracy) made a gesture to greet Hitler. The now 33-year-old woman is a member of the newly appointed Swedish government of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, in which she took the position of the minister of public administration.

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Sweden. The minister excuses herself with the Nazi greeting

A photo of teenage Karkiainen quickly circulated the media. “I don’t remember making that kind of gesture,” commented Karkiainen in a post shared on social media.

“I understand what it looks like, but I would never do something like sympathize with the wicked ideology represented by Nazism. If I did, it was done ironically or as less than a failed attempt to ridicule this ideology” – explained a government member quoted by thelocal.se.

In another post on social media, the minister of public administration explained that the photo was taken in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend at the time. She assured that the place was not a “white power” environment, but people from various subcultures would hang out there and it happened that they turned on music characteristic of right-wing extremists. The minister argued that she reacted in such situations and turned it off. She also added that she is against racism, which is represented by the symbols associated with her partner’s team, but has no influence on his activities.

The photo was also published by the tabloid “Expressen”. There it was written that the minister is associated with the musician of the metal band Raubtier, who is to sympathize with the right-wing extremist environment. In the commentary given to the tabloid, the minister once again denied that she was carrying a Nazi greeting in the photo.

More information from the country and the world can be found on the main page of Gazeta.pl.

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During the press conference, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson was also asked about the photo. The head of the Swedish government said that she condemned the behavior of her subordinate. She described such a gesture as highly inappropriate, while expressing the belief that it did not reflect Karkiainen’s values.

Troubles in the Swedish government. Minister pursued by a bailiff

Ida Karkiainen’s problems are not the only ones in the newly formed Magdalena Andersson’s government. As it turns out, the new minister for climate and the environment, Annika Strandhael, is being prosecuted by a bailiff for failing to pay several bills, including for the service of filling the pool. As the woman explained, her indebtedness was to accumulate in a difficult time for her, when she lost her husband. She also ensured that all arrears would be paid off as soon as possible – reports “Dagens Nyheter”.

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Another problem was the accusations against the minister of infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth, of grabbing his party friend by the buttocks. The misconduct was supposed to take place in early November in a hotel room after the Social Democrat congress. Eneroth has not been interrogated, no charges have been brought against him, and the investigation was discontinued by the prosecutor’s office because the touch was found to have had a mark of accident and did not qualify as sexual harassment, “Expressen” reports.

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