Sweet Coincidence! Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz Will Live Together … the Oscar Ceremony

Salma Hayek

The Mexican did not hide her emotion when she found out about the meeting.

Actress Salma Hayek has opened many doors for other Latin American stars by becoming one of the first artists who managed to succeed in Hollywood.

Salma has shared with artists such as Antonio Banderas since her arrival in the world of entertainment and where she has established himself as one of the most loved world-class celebrities.

However, the actress  had the opportunity to carry out a project with a celebrity without knowing that after that, she would become a great friend, and she is nothing more and nothing less than the Spanish Penelope Cruz.

The Mexican acted alongside Penelope in the movie “Bandidas”, which was released in 2006, after that premiere, laborally did not match again.

The friendship between the interpreter of Frida and the Spanish was recorded in a publication made by Salma on her personal Instagram account when she posted a photograph with Penelope on an occasion when both presented an Oscar prize.

Next to the image, Hayek wrote: “This Sunday, Penelope and I are not going to present together, but we are both going to present one more time, and I am happy that I will see her.”

Currently, Salma Hayek has joined the Marvel Universe, where she will bring Ajak to life in the movie “The Eternals.”



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