sweet Franciacorta, the gossip flares up


The presenter and the singer, for about a week, have been attending the same areas and the same places: background and curiosity

Tana for Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti. The story of the last days of the two ex-spouses is quite curious and fanciful. Until last week, the Swiss presenter was sprawled under the Sardinian sun, enjoying the sweet company of Giovanni Angiolini. Back in the ‘Continent’, she stopped in Franciacorta. And who lives in the land of vineyards? Ramazzotti. So far everything is known: Eros and Michelle also immortalized themselves together on August 9th, engaged in a karate lesson in Paratico (about ten km from where the singer lives). From here on, the story becomes even more interesting.

Michelle, since that August 9, has never left Franciacorta. On social media, she portrayed herself among lush and green rows of vineyards. Someone speculated that she was in the Piedmontese Langhe. No, those vineyards are the same where Eros takes refuge, with his beloved horse Guajro.

Another note worthy of mention: on Sunday 14 August, Hunziker, who loves to keep fit and does not only practice karate to heal the line, engaged in an exercise session in the gym. Not just any gym, but the one housed in the hotel “Albereta”. This is an ultra-luxury resort, appreciated, among others, by Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez. Well, where is the “Albereta” located? Gossipetv is able to reveal that, at a guess, it is no more than 1 km from Ramazzotti’s house.

It is not known where the Swiss showgirl stayed in these days: perhaps at the “Albereta” where she trained? Or was she hosted byex-husband? Or elsewhere? Who knows, what is certain is that Hunziker has been in the same areas where the singer lives for about a week.

Coincidence? It is hard to believe that by pure chance Michelle took refuge in the same strip of land and vineyards where Eros is at home, in the true sense of the word. In short, admitted and not granted that it is not a coincidence, it seems more than likely that the artist and the presenter are frequenting each other assiduously, so much so that they would have also spent the Mid-August. It remains to be seen whether such frequentation is nothing more than the consequence of a thriving friendship or whether something else has turned on. In all this, what happened to John? Who knows, the ways of gossip, and even those of love, are endless.

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