Switzerland has given way to its place in the queue for vaccines. As the first in the world

Thanks to this collaboration, 1 million doses of the vaccine Modernoriginally planned to be delivered to Switzerland will be made available to COVAX in the fourth quarter of 2021. Then Switzerland will take place COVAX in line and will receive its intended doses in 2022.

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“ I welcome this important Swiss commitment and set an example of how easy it is to prioritize vaccine delivery for COVAX participants, ” said Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO Gavi, who manages the procurement and delivery of preparations for COVAX.

The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on our entire lives, and the inaugurated collaboration shows that there is a quick and pragmatic way for governments to ensure that COVAX participants in lower income countries have access to Covid-19 vaccines. I encourage other governments to follow this example and work with COVAX and formulation manufacturers to reorganize delivery schedules, Berkley added.

COVAX has so far delivered over half a billion doses of vaccines to protect against infection and complications from coronavirus infection to 144 countries. Despite initial organizational difficulties, the transport of preparations is steadily accelerating and an increase in the pace of deliveries is expected in 2022.


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