Sygic is the first GPS navigation system that detects road signs

The new feature is an improvement over the current speed limit module. As a rule, applications of this type retrieve information about speed limits from maps, and these are updated only once in a while. Now within Sygic it will be possible to have a lot more detailed information on speed limits. The application is therefore to actively recognize road signs using a smartphone webcam and immediately impose speed limits and display them on the screen.

According to Lukas Dermek, the potential of this function is much greater. For now, the company is training the algorithm for recognizing various other objects, such as license plates, pedestrians or traffic lights. Such techniques are to develop the field of GPS navigation, as well as be useful in, for example, insurance products or road safety campaigns.

Photo: Sygic

Quite an interesting project related to the navigation of all kinds is the so-called LunaNet. It’s internet and navigation … for the Moon and space missions that are being created by NASA. In turn, the popular Google Maps application has now got a new mode, namely the so-called. lite navigation which is simply an option intended primarily for cyclists.

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