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Italy defeated Japan 3-1 and took their sixth victory at the World Cup 2022 women’s volleyball. The European Champions raised their heads after losing in the tie-break against Brazil, managing to impose their game against the fearsome Asian team. Our national team seemed submissive in the first set and at the start of the second fraction, then it gave itself a shock and dominated the contest thanks to an excellent offensive game and an excellent block, stunned the proverbial defense of the opponents.

The girls of CT Davide Mazzanti confirm themselves at the top of Pool E, putting a serious ipoteca on qualifying for the quarter-finals of the world championship. Here are the report cards and the votes of Italy-Japan, match valid for the second group stage of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup played in Rotterdam. The blues will be back on the pitch in a couple of days to face the affordable Argentina.

Women’s volleyball, Italy raises its head at the World Cup and stuns Japan: mortgaged quarter-finals


PAOLA EGONU: 7.5. Yesterday she had scored 37 points, but making many mistakes and turning out to be off in crucial moments. Today the opposite has taken an important step forward, making the arm go smoothly starting from the second set. The bomber closes with 26 points on the scoresheet, propitiating with parallels and diagonals the extensions at the start of the third and fourth fraction.

MIRIAM SYLLA: 7.5. The captain finds her place as a starter and stands out across the board. Offensive test of luxury, not only for the 13 points scored but above all for the variety of shots, for the presence in attack and for the continuity shown. A guarantee on a defensive level, with the passing of the exchanges it dominates the opponents in their fundamental tip. Glue for the team.

ANNA DANESI: 7+. The plant continues its thick World Cup. There are only two point-walls, few compared to the thrilling numbers of the latest releases, but the Brescia is a guarantee under the net and is repeatedly sought by Orro for the always insightful first times that surprise the Japanese. The 13 points on the scoresheet explain everything.

CATERINA BOSETTI: 7. She returns to the field after being substituted against Brazil and sees herself on the levels that compete with her. Toned in reception, where it makes a marked difference. Not very high efficiency in attack, but he often forced the opponents to recover problematic and in any case closed with 12 points to his credit. Indispensable dam.

ALESSIA ORRO: 7. His series in joke that splits the third set in two. The initial 7-0 is propitiated by the mocking service of the setter, who was good at playing across the board: found an understanding with the central players, greedy balls for Egonu, feeling hung up with the spikers. You sent all the comrades in double digits!

CRISTINA CHIRICHELLA. 6.5. The control panel is a very valid sub-network alternative, today Orro makes the most of it and finds satisfaction. He reaches the double figure thanks to the fast that closed this meeting.

MONICA DE GENNARO: 6.5. The free player struggles to engage in the first set, but later grows in performance and plays his usual game of great quality, crushing the attacking phase of Ishikawa and his teammates.

MARINA LUBIAN: SV Only a few entrances to the service in the set finals.

Do not enter: Alessia Gennari, Sara Bonifacio, Ofelia Malinov, Eleonora Fersino, Elena Pietrini, Sylvia Nwakalor.

Photo: FIVB

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