Tabloid will pay Meghan Markle compensation of … 1 pound! At the beginning of

According to the verdict, after winning the court, Meghan Markle will receive a transfer from the British tabloid. Her account will be credited … 1 British pound! Why so little?

British newspaper Mail on Sunday niw he won the case brought against him by Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex accused the letter of a privacy violation by publishing her private correspondence with her father. Tabloid representatives have reached a settlement with Meghan and will not appeal again. We already know that the newspaper will pay Harry’s wife compensation. Officially, the account of Meghan Markle will receive “as much as” 1 pound.

As emphasized by the specialists in privacy cases quoted by the media, for this type of case the accused usually pays the injured person amounts from several dozen to over 100 thousand zlotys. pounds. And this will probably also be the case with Meghan. It’s just that the total amount for Harry’s wife may remain a mystery.

A three-year battle ended with Meghan’s success

The media reports that the daily will cover the legal costs incurred by Meghan Markle. Supposedly, it could be as much as a million pounds! Additionally, the tabloid had to publish an apology and a statement admitting to the violation of the princess’ privacy.

The Meghan vs Mail on Sunday case lasted 3 years. The tabloid publisher, Associated Newspapers, argued with the Duchess about privacy. According to representatives of the magazine, Meghan Markle, as the wife of the Duke of Sussex, was not a private person, and matters concerning her relationship with her family could be of a public nature. Of course, Meghan’s lawyers argued that this was nonsense, and their client, like any other citizen, had a right to privacy – especially in personal contacts with her immediate family.


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