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Fantastic Four Movie Villain Revealed?

There is a lot of excitement around the announced reboot of Fantastic Four of the Marvel Studiosand while a director change and a release date delay have propelled the film even further into the Multiverse Saga, we remain eager to hear more updates. Over the past few months, there have …

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Tonight on TV: today’s films January 25th

For those who want to watch a good film on TV tonight, there are many interesting proposals on the various channels, both free-to-air and satellite. Among those that we point out in particular is the romantic Letters to Juliet starring Amanda Seyfried (recent winner of the Emmy and Golden Globe …

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10 bad movies that people love

The opinion of the critics and that of the public can be discordant and define the story of a film differently. This list is tangible proof of that! Public opinion vs critical opinion: the great dilemma of cinema has always been summarized by this formula. How many bad films, however, …

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