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Because there are so many homeless people in California

It came out in bookstores Californiathe new book by the deputy director of Post Francesco Costa, published by Mondadori. As the title suggests, it talks about the American state to which some of the most common preconceptions about the United States are linked, and all the reasons why it is …

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try to escape the home team – OA Sport

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE A very bad second quarter ends for the Azzurri, who are 11 points down in Riga. A lot to fix in the interval. Time out Italy with 17 ″ 1 to play before half-time. 45-34 Basket also too easy granted to Len quickly. 43-34 …

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Fire Pollution Affects Children’s Health – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 05 – Exposure to atmosphere pollution, including that caused by fires, has negative effects on children, exposing them to an increase in levels of systemic inflammation, with consequences on the heart. Confirming the risks is a new study from the University of California, Davis, published in …

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