Tax Bills, Revenue Agency sting: what changes

The beginning of March definitively puts an end to the scrapping of the files, unless a fiscal peace is on the horizon. What is happening

Revenue Agency
Revenue Agency (Adobe Photo)

For some taxpayers, the deadline has come as bad news. On the other hand theRevenue Agency had been clear and, once the effects of the facilities have been exhausted, the tax authorities are now showing their entire control function. We are talking about the scrapping of tax bills, which reached the deadline of February 28, 2022. In reality, as we know, in these cases, there are five days of grace, so the real deadline was that of March 7; a small extension that does not change the terms of the discussion.

The workers and taxpayers overwhelmed by the recent economic crisis find themselves facing the difficulties that the interruption, now, of any tax relief can entail. Are approximately 500 thousandbetween businesses and the self-employed, the subjects to wait for the rain of back files lapsed by the Scrapping-for: for them, the restart of the collection procedures of the tax bills has broken down the usual payment terms.

Tax bills, what happens to taxpayers after 7 March?

Revenue Agency
Revenue Agency (Photo Ansa)

With the expiration of March 7, the advantages that the scrapping offered decay, opening up a serious front of problems for those who have not been able to pay the scrapping installments up to now. Therefore, the discounts on penalties and interest; indeed, goodbye to the benefit of installment paymentson the other hand, undermined by the obligation to pay everything requested by the Revenue Agency in a single payment.

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The communications defaulting taxpayers are ready and it will certainly not be a walk in the park for those who have not been able to settle accounts with the tax authorities in times of facilitating obligations. The letters involve the reminder payment and the formalization of the balance of their fiscal, tax and social security debts within 5 days. After the fiscal peace in 2020, followed by that of 2021 to which the new installments to be paid are added, there is apparently no new one on the horizon.

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Green light therefore to the payment of the first installment 2022 of the Scrapping-ter, even if it is the best scenario for the taxpayer, ie for those who managed to stay within the payment plan; the next installments, which will alternate during the year, will expire on May 31, July 31 and November 30. For the worst cases, however, the collection it will enter the phase of foreclosures, confiscations and administrative stops first, and then to the executive procedures.

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