Taylor Swift, Viola Davis and more criticize US abortion repeal

posted on 06/24/2022 19:06 / updated on 06/25/2022 00:49

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A US Supreme Court ruling could be a major setback for many women’s access to abortion in the country. The judges of the Court reversed, this Friday (24/6), the precedent created by the law of the case “Roe x Wade”, which guaranteed safe abortion.

The controversial decision stirred social networks and many North American celebrities and personalities took a stand on the topic.

Former President Barak Obama and the former first lady were among the first to speak out against the Supreme Court’s attitude. Michelle’s post was shared a lot by other celebrities.

“I’m heartbroken today,” begins Michelle’s text. “This horrifying decision will have devastating consequences and should be a wake-up call, especially for younger people who will bear this burden,” she wrote elsewhere.

Actress Viola Davis also spoke out on social media against the decision. “Now more than ever we have to use our voice and power! WE the people,” she wrote.

Marvel actors Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo, notorious for taking a political stand, also posted against the decision. Evans retweeted the post by Michelle and a US senator, while Ruffalo wrote: “This nation was founded on the separation of church and state. The Supreme Court has now been rendered illegitimate by the destruction of that separation and turned into a political body of the religious right. Let’s go having to fight for the founding principles of our nation”, he asked.

Singer Taylor Swift, in addition to sharing Michelle Obama’s lines, said she is “absolutely terrified that we are where we are – that after so many decades of people fighting for women’s rights to their own bodies, today’s decision has taken that away from us.” .

Actress Elizabeth Banks strongly criticized the decision taken by the Supreme Court. “Everyone gets a gun, but no one has bodily autonomy. America,” she accused. “This is devastating news for families – men and women – who believe the government should not decide when and with whom they become parents. This is not the end of this fight for human rights,” she said in another post.

Horror author Stephen King also spoke on the topic: “It’s the best Supreme Court the 19th century has ever produced,” he wrote on Twitter.

Singer Mariah Carey said it was “unfathomable and disheartening to have to try to explain to my 11-year-old daughter why we live in a world where women’s rights are disintegrating before our eyes.”

In Instagram stories, singer Ariana Grande shared several posts lamenting the repeal. Actress Lily Collins also shared posts on social media and wrote: “Absolutely devastating and so backward.”

The Riverdale actresses also took to Instagram to comment on the news. “Our government’s actions today will have catastrophic consequences for women in our country. It is indescribable and unacceptable,” wrote Lili Reinhart. Brazilian Camila Mendes shared posts that criticized the fact that the right to guns is greater than the right to one’s own body in the US. Madelaine Petsch said the news was devastating.

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