Tech Platform that Contributes to the Peace of Colombia

In Colombia today, several companies have led an initiative to generate job opportunities in a country without conflict. An exemplary case is World TechMakers, which with a series of “coding boot camps” virtual and face-to-face educational spaces for the training of children, youth and adults, aims to create greater quality workspaces, enabling them in technological skills to pass from be users to developers.

The process posed by World Tech Makers is simple, since it is proven that in different countries like the United States, the growth of professionals and job opportunities have increased significantly thanks to technology training.

The company seeks to emulate this same situation in Colombia, where more than 20% of people lose job opportunities due to lack of knowledge in technology, development and programming, shortening the digital divide that currently exists.

“We think of a Colombia without internal conflict, we want to generate a space in which we integrate thousands of people, where we empower each one to move from being users to creators of technology” says Ilana Milkes Founder of World Tech Makers.

If Colombia compares competitive advantages with developed countries, the figures indicate that in terms of technology these countries have the upper hand when it comes to finding new jobs.

“We identify in the labor market a great absence of technological skills. We Colombians face a very basic tech training that does not benefit us when it comes to competing in job calls “adds Milkes.

Thanks to its alliance with the World Bank, the company seeks to replicate what has been done in the main cities of Colombia and scale it to different countries in the world. In the last two months, World Tech Makers has been present in Israel, Kenya and the United States, in addition to having received offers to bring its Native Digital program to India, China, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, the United States, Ecuador and Brazil.

This is how this Colombian company is the perfect partner for the World Bank with its “Decoding Bootcamps” program that seeks to increase the employability of young people in emerging markets. Currently, World Tech Makers has demonstrated an employability index of 95% of people who go through the process of bootcamps.

The company explains, half of the Colombian context, that from here to 10 years 60% of the most important jobs in the world will be directed to technological skills, which will positively impact the development of each of the young Colombians who are being trained in this type of skills.

As such, World Tech Makers will continue to bring technological training solutions to all children in the region and the world. “We are sure that innovations of this type will continue to have a positive impact in favor of the development of the economy worldwide,” concludes Milkes.

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