Tech Tijuana students preparing to participate in the National Summit for Technological Development Research and Innovation

TijuanaMay 25, 2023.- National Summit on Technological Development, Research and Innovation, (INNOVATECNM) This is an event promoted by National Technology of Mexico In which students develop innovative disruptive projects that strengthen creative and entrepreneurial skills through technology transfer considering environmental improvement with a great social impact.

On this day in the facilities of the campus Technological Institute of Tijuana local forum held In which 95 students from various careers want to represent the institution In the regional stage of the competition.

At the opening ceremony of INNOVATECNM C. Yu Yu, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Tijuana; Saul de los Santos Gomez represents the Baja California Ministry of Economy.

simultaneously, Carlos Caro del Castillo, Vice President of Caniti; Artemio Lara, Head of Technical Management and Liaison Department of Tecnológico de Tijuana; Beatriz Chávez, deputy director of administrative services at Tecnológico de Tijuana.

as well as Gabriela Elizabeth Martínez, deputy academic director of the Tecnológico de Tijuana, and José Guillermo Cárdenas López, director of the institution.

He José Guillermo Cárdenas López, director of the Tecnológico Nacional de México Campus Technological Institute of Tijuana, continues to promote this great project for the benefit of the technological community as well as society.

National Summit of Technological Development, Research and Innovation INNOVATECNM Seeks to encourage creativity and innovation in students by seeking solutions to social and technological needs with social impact.

He informed that a total of 19 projects were presented at this local level. Who participated in 6 categories for contributing towards the improvement of the community environment.

The teams with the best scores will advance to the next regional stage.

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