technology for less than 6 euros, but only today

Lidl makes users dream with a promotional campaign that is almost unbelievable, it represents the perfect solution to spend less and less on various purchases, without ever worrying too much about the final expense to be incurred.

Purchases, as always happens when we talk about Lidl, must necessarily be completed in each store in Italy, without additional costs or particular constraints relating to availability on the territory. All products listed are accompanied with the usual warranty lasting 24 months, which must always be exercised in the same purchase areas.

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Lidl: the offers are incredible, a lot of technology almost for free

Prices at historic lows from Lidlthese days the company has managed to launch a series of great deals targeted not only on food or basic necessities, but also real references to technologyalthough with a focus on cheaper accessories.

The product that everyone should have in their selection is none other than the color LED bulbfully dimmable using the remote control included in the package, the price of which even drops below 6 euros. In addition, we can recommend the magnetic wireless chargercompatible with the MagSafe of products Appleavailable for purchase for only 12.99 euros.

There are obviously other very interesting discounts, targeted on products unbound to technology, like glasses available for only 2.99 eurospassing through cube shelves for sale in 6.99 eurosor excellent rechargeable batteries a 3.99 euros.

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