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Towards a new wave of heat after August 15th

TEMPORARY THERMAL DECLINE BETWEEN FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. The final part of the week it will still be characterized by the residual effects of a low-pressure circulation between the Adriatic and Greece which will affect the temperature trend also on part of Italy, causing their lowering until Saturday. The heat will therefore be moderate, with temperatures that will remain below average in the South and on the Adriatic side, while only on the Tyrrhenian side it will be possible to reach peaks of 32/33 ° C, even beyond the Sardinian hinterland.

SUNDAY, THE AFRICAN ANTICICLONE COMES CLOSER TO ITALY. Already at the end of the weekend preceding August 15th, the subtropical anticyclone will attempt a first comeback on the central Mediterranean and on Italy, determining an increase in temperatures. It will not be an intrusive presence, but a brief appearance already followed in August by an unstable passage over the northern regions and part of the central ones, which would contribute to a rapid downsizing of temperatures, especially in the North. Rather, it would be in the days immediately following Ferragosto that we could witness a new and perhaps even more incisive North African blaze.with the subtropical anticyclone reaching towards our central-southern regions.

AFTER AUGUST POSSIBLE AFRICAN FLAME. If the trend is confirmed, a new and perhaps even intense warming over much of Italy could materialize starting from 16 August. This is a long-term trend that still has many unknowns and could undergo major adjustments in the days to come, but especially in the Center-South we could face a significant heating, triggered by the deepening of an Atlantic gap as far as the Iberian Peninsula. The greatest unknowns concern our northern regions, where the thunderstorm impulses driven by the Iberian sack could begin to flow, which on the contrary would determine a drop in temperature especially on the Alps and the Northwest. Needless to repeat, to be confirmed.

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