Ten must haves of the Parisian wardrobe

“Parisian women dominate fashion”, argued Jean-Jacques Rousseau as early as 1761 in the novel Giulia or the new Eloisa. The thinker, one of the fathers of modern French culture, was also far-sighted on this, given the great fascination that style à la parisienne still operates well beyond national borders. Compile great icons from beyond the Alps, from Brigitte Bardot to Inès de la Fressange, up to Laetitia Casta and Carla Bruni, the ideal of beauty that is born and breathed in the streets of Pariseven through films, it has been imitated for several generations.

But beware of the clichés: the image of the Parisian woman with the cap, the marinière shirt and the baguette under the arm – that of Lily Collins in the series Emily in Paris – it’s outdated stuff. If some garments remain great classics, such as white or blue striped t-shirts, to shape the wardrobe of Parisian women is a practical fashionsuitable for moving around the city by bicycle or scooter, without compromising the work look and maintaining a distracted elegance.


Jeans and blazers, the formula to be copied to Parisians for “back to work”

by Alessandra D’Acunto

Let’s find out which ones clothes and accessories, often unexpected and to be updated according to the seasons, they must not be missing from the wardrobe to gain charm and a naturally bon ton effect.

The sneakers

For the day, in the office, or at sunset for a picnic on the banks of the Seine; with trousers of different cuts, with long and pleated or mini skirts, the basketball (with an accent strictly on the last syllable) are the shoes most worn by the French, for any occasion. The sneakers they even managed to replace the dancers, still very worn, as well as the décolleté, reserved rather for the evening, with not too high heels. Sneakers are also worn more than men’s ankle boots and lace-ups. They are worn with all styles, with flat or shaped sole, aggressive – with tank – or fashion – with sequins.

The duvet

In particular the 100 grams, is one of the weapons of the parisienne against the sudden cold bursts of the capital. There doudoune, especially the ultra thin one, flattens easily and always carries with it. In winter, when temperatures are low, it cannot be stored but slips under wool coats, with egg cut or oversize. When the duvet is rounded, it stands out with bright colors or cropped cuts.

The blazer

Tank top, t-shirt, shirt. What to wear underneath is a free choice, but on the top there is no question: it is a blazer, to be worn with jeans and unbuttoned, in color block with trousers and the rest of the look, solid color or animated by timeless patterns like the prince of Wales or the houndstooth. The fit of the Parisian jacket is preferably wide, while the length reaches the hips.

The clutch bag

Extension of the pockets, the clutch bag is an ally of the Parisian, who, as always, prefers practicality and door rather than holding it like a clutch. shoulder strap, perhaps with a luminous chain and a retro detail, such as the click clack closure of the purse. The recent fashion of mini bags, leading the Chiquito by Jacquemus, encourages the overlapping of different clutches, which cross on the chest and act as a bijou at the same time.

Blouse and backpack

When it comes to daywear, which does not exclude last minute commitments until the evening, the Parisian’s favorite bag is the backpack. The reason is quickly explained: in an era where the computer is carried almost like a mobile phone, it allows you to correctly calibrate the weight on your back. Spacious, it can be filled with small purchases, without wasting envelopes. And if it looks too sporty, pairing it with a blouse makes it casual chic. The most frequent alternative to the backpack is the tote bag in canvas, ecological and reusable.

The oversized shirt

In & egrave; s de la Fressange

Inès de la Fressange

The shirt is a whole world for the parisienne. It could be said that it exists one for each contextlight blue and in cotton as a passe-partout; très chic in satin or silk, with pearly or nude shades, a bow on the neck or small ruffles on the cuffs as elegant details to pop out under the jacket. The model you like best is certainly non-fitting.

The midi dress

Beatrice Borromeo

Beatrice Borromeo

The dress that best meets the needs of French dressing has the calf-length skirt, short or long sleeves depending on the season, the waist marked by an elastic, often surmounted by a belt. The shapes and fabrics are soft and the patterns varied but never too loud, often romantic, with micro bouquets, or animalier, with pastel or dotted speckled.

The trousers with pleats

The hands in the pockets are an indispensable habit for the parisienne, who loves the trousers enlivened by folds and pleats at the closure. The visible pleats are not only an aesthetic element but give the garment a particular fit, wider above and almost cigarette-like below, with the hem that stops at the ankles. Also palazzo pants are a frequent alternative of the Parisian wardrobe: just play them down with a pair of sneakers.

Light points

The jewels are worn to generate a meeting of light points: they are many, delicate, possibly golden and with small colored stones. The lobes are crowded with earrings in a row or a maxi pendant to surround a chignon. An illuminating make-up, glow effect, on the face and highlights in the hair support the general luminous effect.

The foulard

The advice for those who travel rue, boulevard And avenue Parisians is to always keep their throats sheltered from sudden gusts of wind. From the yoke to the maxi foulard, up to the pashmina and progressively to the Xxl scarfturned several times on itself, French fashion never leaves the neck uncovered: when they say must have.

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