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Their Autopilot is probably the most famous in the world but what if, at least here in Europe, driving pleasure was the most important topic to discuss? We are obviously talking about Tesla and specifically about a Model Y in the Performance version built in the gigafactory in Berlin that with exaggerated power and 21 ″ wheels you will not want to let anyone else drive!

The design is that of Model Y that we already know, this one built in Europe it should also have heated wipers, to avoid freezing, the details and external moldings in black and then, being a performance, a nice rear spoiler in carbon fiber could not be missing. The trunk is always huge and has a new parcel shelf, we are talking about over 900 liters to which add the 117 of the front trunk.

The measures of this Tesla I’m from 475 x 192 with a height of 162 cm And 289cm from step. The weight settles around the 2,000 kilograms.

The interior, in true Tesla style, they are a perfect balance between materials of quality such as wood and leather and the minimalism and the cleanliness of the design with the usual double wireless charging station for mobile phones and the large central display from which every action and every setting is carried out. The space on board that’s really a lot, even with tall occupants in the front and back there is room for both knees and feet and there are no problems with the head even if you are 1.90m tall. Speaking of head, the large, sun-shielded panoramic glass roof is a sight.

As soon as you start driving, you notice two things, the silence and theacceleration. The silence is also due to the double glazing and is really high at any speed, even on the motorway. The acceleration is burning, always, whether you start from a standstill, from 50 or 150 km / h you always manage to cling to the seat.

There driving dynamics it is excellent, the 21 ″ wheels of this performance certainly help, then there is the steering, nice to hold and very direct, by the way, which only a little understeer during insertion but is easy to correct and the engine , so quiet but with well 950Nm of torque approx 350kW (these data are not declared by Tesla so they may not be very precise) does the rest .. In short, as we said at the beginning it is very pleasant to drive even, and perhaps above all, without Autopilot.

Why don’t we talk very well aboutAutopilot? Because the impression is that it is calibrated more for American highways than for our European roads and cities, where it suffers the sudden changes of direction of the cars that are next to us, immediately forward or immediately backwards and consequently he is always “in anxiety ”, he brakes sharply and is unresponsive in making decisions on the fly in traffic. Not that it’s bad but there are autonomous driving systems of European cars that, at least here, work better.

The ADAS there are all also in the standard version, while for the Summon, the system that allows you to move the car remotely to enter, for example, the tightest garages, the recognition of traffic lights, automatic parking, automatic lane change and others precautions which honestly can be done without for another 3,800 euros. Basically, as we said, we already have adaptive cruise control, lane centering, blind spot sensors and emergency braking.

There braking it’s great, there is the one-pedal guide that in the city allows you to never move your foot from the accelerator pedal because as soon as we release it, regenerative braking starts up to stop the car and is a great convenience. When we are at high speeds and mechanics are also needed, there are no problems because this performance has high-performance ventilated brake discs.

The declared autonomy and of 514 kilometers for the WLTP cycle and in ideal temperature conditions, which do not require too much effort from the air conditioner, it is in fact true. If we only talk about the motorway, and therefore speed between 100 and 130km / h, we will be on the 350km range.

How much does this Model Y cost? There Performance starts from 71,990 euros and in our version, with the Autopilot at its full potential it comes to 79,490 euros. Maybe it makes more sense there Long Range, which starts from 65,900 euro with 19 ″ rims.

To conclude, here is the PRO and the CONS of this Model Y, let’s start with first courses:

  • Driveability. Steering and driving dynamics make it really enjoyable to drive.
  • Versatility. Yes handsome but with plenty of space on board for both 5 occupants and luggage.
  • Infotainment. The navigator is very intelligent and takes into account superchargers but in general all the management of the car is done well.
  • Supercharger. You charge up to 250kW in direct current or 11 below alternating current but the Superchargers are extremely comfortable for plug and charge without the need for activation keys and also convenient, we are talking about 0.52 euro / kW against 0.80 of fast Ionity .

And i versus?

  • Rigid set-up. We had 21 ″ rims and the holes are felt, maybe with 20 or 19 the comfort increases.
  • Turning radius. Electric cars usually have small turning radii, but here it is quite wide.
  • Autopilot. We talked about it extensively. It is certainly not bad but not that smart and smooth either, it will be because it is not yet optimized for European roads.

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