Thalía With Golden Armor Asks Her Fans to Have a Lot of Faith This 2021

Thalía put on a very spectacular golden armor with which she asked her fans to have a lot of faith for this 2021 and not give up on anything

Thalía, 49 years old, unleashed the madness once again and not for appearing without a drop of makeup on social networks, but for having appeared with a golden armor with which she was filled with praise, as she looked like a character taken from a movie, since the singer of Seducción has always liked to characterize herself, so seeing her with that design impacted everyone.

If we describe Thalía’s wardrobe, it could cost us a lot of time, because everything looked very good at her, from her abundant hair which she has boasted countless times, to her makeup, the businesswoman also looked very good, as if that were not enough her look of Guerrera gives a lot to talk about because the word defeat has never been part of the singer originally from Mexico City.

Now if we go with Thalia’s armor which was golden with some green tones, in addition, a luminous ribbon was seen between her hands which is very similar to Wonder Woman’s, so several DC Comics fans gave her their like Thalía because they considered that part of her wardrobe, as a tribute to the famous heroine.

But not everything was reflected in Thalía’s wardrobe, since she shared a very emotional and hopeful message with which she makes it clear that faith can do everything despite the pandemic that humanity is experiencing at the moment, the also actress makes it clear that in the face of the most difficult obstacles there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, something that motivated his followers a lot.

Walking in armor in this image of my dear @rickdecle And in faith walking in that of my God. May it protect us, guide us, and take care of us. Forward my warriors! Let’s go with everything! Thalía wrote in her image, which has had thousands of likes for a long time, and they also congratulated the artist for never forgetting her fans with whom she has a unique bond since she started in the world of entertainment.

“What a straw that you have become so religious! It is the armor of Sagittarius, not God, Thali!”, “God bless you that this new year is full of blessings for your life and for your family”, “Dear God, in your hands I place this new week that is beginning. Please bless her home, her work, her plans and prosper her with abundance in health, peace, mercy, joy, and wisdom, “they wrote to Thalía in the photo.

Thalia as a true goddess with her golden armor / Instagram

Another thing for which Thalía is considered a woman with a lot of faith is that she always reflects her ideas or experiences in her music, that is why her fans love her so much, and she cares about others at all times, not only of his fans but of people who are going through a vulnerable moment in his life, that is why his human quality is praised.

Thalía despite being worried about the situation in the world, has not stopped working, so she continues creating music from her home and experimenting with new musical genres such as urban, with which she has been well received by her fans, although others already want me to make pop music again.

Now let’s talk a little about the great body that Thalía carries because more than one likes the way the artist looks, who for years has taken care of herself in all aspects, either with a good diet or exercise, Thalía knows how to look very young to his fans.

Thalía also earns ovations from her fans for being a youthful woman, because despite the fact that this year she turns 50, she continues to dress very jovially, something that haters have criticized her too much, but she, far from the fighting, continues to wear your dream outfit.

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