that’s what the Friends star salad is like

The American actress, at the time of “Friends”, always ate the same thing. Today the (wrong) recipe landed on TikTok, but Jen corrected it. Let’s find out what it is

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Jennifer Aniston, 53, has never loved fish (but has changed his mind in recent years) and has always chosen a diet rich in vegetables. She has often told about it, adding that he is a passion of hers to invite friends over to cook together and have a glass of wine. When he is on the setHowever, he prefers homemade meals to the classic baskets: it has been like this since the days of Friendswhen on lunch break he always ate the same salad. That her husband at the time liked, and so much, too, Brad Pitt. Let’s find out the recipe.


Jennifer Aniston’s salad includes, as revealed by herself to the magazine Shape, grated lettuce, chicken, egg whites, a little chickpeas (“without exaggerating, so as not to have digestive problems,” he said), bacon, some vinaigrette and, on a few days only, a little bit of pecorino cheese Roman taken in an Italian restaurant.


But why, these days, is there so much talk about Jennifer Aniston’s salad recipe? Because a recipe went viral, come on TikTokwhich was considered to be the one she wore on the set of Friends and instead it was the wrong one. Despite reaching nearly 20 million views, the salad is similar, but not identical, to the right one. Here is the wrong recipe: ceci, bulgur, cucumbers, parsley, mint leaves, feta, red onion and chopped pistachio, with the addition of oil, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt. A vegan recipe, but it’s a pity that Jen wasn’t interested in eating like this.

from the times of friends

Jen, a passion for fish aside (especially salmon), has maintained the same eating habits of the times Friends. This allows her to have a “consolidated routine that my body knows” and to be able to maintain even those passions to which “it is difficult to say no”. An example: the Mexican food. For that he also betrays his beloved salad.

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